Happy 28th Birthday Mr. Ryo Nishikido (-^〇^-)


Let's celebrate!!

Dear 28 years old Nishikido Ryo,

Thank you for all the smiles you have given us.
Thank you for sticking with Eito.
Thank you for always working hard.
Thank you for being you.

You're once just this small

And look at you now
Still...not so big aren't ya?


Eito craziness, ryo-chan asdfdgvbfn

Baru, what is this??


And baby,please don't smile like this too often

~Eito Anniversary pamphlet~ (only the pictures part)

And as always, Ryo-chan looks so damn good with his lover (I mean his guitar)
ai deshita9

~Ai Deshita shop photos (Ryo)~
~Eight X Eighter shop photos (Ryo)~

Just love all of u,silly dorky boys

The things you believe surprisingly, you can't make them out
~ER by Eito Ranger

ryo's ideas on date outfit

I was searching for some magazine at a bookstore

when suddenly encounter this

ryo's ideas <here>

thanks to RAY magazine msia & spore edition, i can now fully understand what ryo has said in RAY May 2012

That was you. The lovely you. Everything that my heart has wished for ~ Ai Deshita by Kanjani 8

ryo & hotness

On Papa Doru Navi

On Quiz Derby

On A Studio

Don't cry, my music.Absolutely don't stop, melody of my heart.
~Nakanaide Boku no Music by Kanjani 8
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FIRST ENTRY EVER!!!..Ryo-chan & Sky

Affy-chan desu..I'm 22,from Malaysia..I'm a big fan of Ryo-chan,NEWS & Kanjani 8..I hope to get to know Nishikido Ryo fans or any JE boys fans here.Yoroshiku!
This is my first entry since i have my LJ bout a month ago..or 2 months??i've lost track already.i don't have enough quality time to post an entry..
So for this first entry i just want to share some pics of Ryo-chan and Daiya a.k.a Sky (the dog in Inu wo Kau to Iu Koto drama). I just try my best to scan this as HQ as i can :)
I know the drama's already ended 2 weeks ago and this mag was published on May but since i don't have anything else to offer :( 
Also, Ryo-chan together with Sky is just sooooooooo adorable.

So,these are the pics:

"Isn't it okay to just do better than how I was since yesterday and do my best?"
~Wake Up by NEWS